Frequenty asked questions

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What is Pugmarks Tech?

Pugmarks Tech provides technical support for managing servers and network infrastructure. This support is provided by our technical staff remotely. We remotely connect to your server or network device and manage them for you. We also fortify and secure your devices and servers so that they can operate in and provide service to their clients in a reliable and dependable manner.

Do you manage and support Microsoft Windows servers?

Yes, we manage all versions of Microsoft Windows server editions. This includes Small Business Server, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2012 all on both enterprise and standard editions.

Do you manage and support Linux servers?

Yes, we Red Hat and CentOS 4.x, 5.x and 6.x versions, 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

What Control Panels are supported?

We support Parallels Plesk, Cpanel, Ensim, Hosting Controller and Website Panel.

Do you upgrade operating system or control panel versions?

If there is a known critical vulnerability in your system, we will correct it with appropriate means after consulting with you under any of the security services (One time hardening, full service + monitoring package). Often such corrections can be done without major OS upgrade. But if OS upgrade is the last resort, we do that. For per incidence based support package customer, we do upgrades only if these services are specifically requested. Control panel software upgrades are done if these are requested by a customer.

How do you connect remotely to my server or network device?

We use industry standard encrypted methods to connect to your servers and network devices remotely. These techniques depend upon type of device and operating system. For most network devices and servers we use the most secure version of secure shell (ssh). This encrypts passwords and all communication between your server and our management gateway. For Microsoft Windows servers we make connection through Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Why do you ask for password?

We need access to your servers or network devices in order to do any work in them.

Do I have to give you my root/administrator access password?

For subscription services we prefer that you share your password with and you keep it updated with us when you change it. This way our technicians can provide you timely service. For on-demand services, if you like you can give us a temporary access or password which you can change once we have completed the work.

Do you share passwords with anyone?

We do not share your password with any one as these are kept completely confidential. We use these passwords exclusively for access to your server / network device or to seek support from the datacenter where your servers are located.

What information you harvest or gather from servers when I allow access to your tech support?

Only information we collect from your server is for the purpose of generating inspection report or for troubleshooting. No personal, proprietary or user information is accessed. Also the information gathered is only shared between you and our technical team. No information is ever shared with any third party. Any vulnerability found in your server is kept strictly confidential and communicated only to you or person(s) designated by you.

Do you share my registration information or communication with you with anyone?

Your registration information is used only to communicate with you and with your permission, to send you information about our products and services. With your permission we may use your testimonials or non-confidential information on our website. We may include some non-confidential questions and answers in our frequently asked questions.

Is my post in forum kept confidential?

Our forum is open for everyone to read and posting is restricted to registered forum users. You should not post any confidential information, passwords, encrypted or hashed strings, security certificates, real ip addresses or configuration strings in forums. We even advise you not to use your real names and email addresses in forum if you want to stay anonymous.

Do you have same password policy for free inspection customers as well?

Indeed. We treat all passwords and confidential information same way for all, paid or free customers.